Women, and persons born with ovaries, who delay childbearing due to personal circumstances now have the option of freezing their eggs which can later be fertilized with sperm and implanted into the womb at some time in the future. Egg freezing enables women, and persons born with ovaries, to preserve their eggs at a time when those eggs are likely to be at the healthiest that they will be for the rest of that person’s life. 

Nevada Fertility Institute is pleased to offer egg freezing (also known as oocyte cryopreservation) for those persons who want to extend their fertility potential. This provides younger women, and persons born with ovaries, the ability to preserve their unfertilized eggs until they are ready to pursue parenthood.

Candidates for egg freezing are persons up to the age of 40+ who do not currently have a sperm-producing partner or who do not currently wish to use donor sperm. Persons who may benefit from egg freezing include:

1. Younger women, and non-binary persons born with ovaries, who want to delay childbearing can freeze their eggs as a backup plan for future use; when their natural ability to reproduce would otherwise be reduced.

2. You have an upcoming pelvic surgery or medical treatments that could result in the loss of ovarian tissue or eggs. This includes persons with benign diseases such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis, as well as cancer.

3. You are at risk for early menopause because of family history or genetic reasons.

4. You’re on an academic or career path. Empowered persons of all ages often pursue demanding academic and career trajectories, and it’s not an easy path. If you don’t see yourself having a baby before turning 40, it’s recommended for you to freeze your eggs while you’re still younger!

5. You haven’t found the love of your life… yet! If you’re under 40 years old, egg freezing can provide peace of mind by ensuring that you have eggs available when you finally find a partner and are ready to start a family. If you are 40 or older, embryo banking may be a better option for you and should be discussed with your Fertility Specialist.

6. You are planning Gender Affirmation Surgery. Discussing and planning for your future fertility goals is highly advised, if you are contemplating gender affirmation surgery. The sequence of events for this procedure includes taking hormones and undergoing surgery which can often include removal of the ovaries. Egg freezing is an option for transgender men, or non-binary persons who were born with ovaries, who want to preserve their options for having biological children.

Nevada Fertility Institute Launches New Financing Options

Whether you are contemplating growing your family next year, thinking about doing in vitro fertilization (IVF), freezing your eggs, using an egg donor, using a gestational carrier (aka a surrogate) or simply want to consult with a fertility doctor, you deserve to understand all the options available to help you afford the journey!

At @fertilitynevada, it will be our privilege to help you create a comprehensive and inclusive plan to meet your unique needs. To assist you with financing your journey to parenthood, our in-house financing offers an added layer of affordability beyond our various established third-party provider financing options.

We will custom-tailor a down-payment and payment plan that meets your specific needs.

If you have questions about your reproductive health, there is no time like the present to discover answers! If you are interested in exploring all the options available to you, please contact our Financial Counselor, by signing up on a form on my website, www.drcindyduke.com, or call/ text us, at 1-702-936-8710.

Dare to Believe, Your Path to Parenthood is Within Reach!

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