Dr. Angela PH Burgess

Work 6431 Fannin Street Houston Texas 77004 Work Phone: 7135006421


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I am the Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which includes faculty mentorship and creating a diverse environment for education and patient care. Our ultimate goal is that through education on issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity we will eradicate societal boundaries to create a culture of understanding that we are equal and deserving of equitable treatment and will provide the same equal and equitable treatment to colleagues, patient care, and our global community.

As a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, my research has focused on 1) improving the identification and treatment of women at high risk for pregnancy-related morbidities or mortality and 2) addressing health disparities in the identification and treatment of women at high risk for pregnancy-related morbidities or mortality. My specific projects include examining trends in U.S. maternal mortality by place of death, in relationship to age and race parameters. We hypothesized that differences in place of death mortality ratios may allow some distinction between deaths related to medical performance and those more closely related to social, cultural or environmental issues. My current research focus is how to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality through patient empowerment, patient education, as well as exploring interventions to eliminate systems-based bias.

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6431 Fannin Street Houston Texas 77004

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