Dr. Catherine Harmon Toomer

Family Medicine and Community Health Physician University of FloridaShands Hospital
Work Phone: 1 803-522-4179 Website: Catherine H. Toomer, M. D.


Photo of Dr. Catherine Harmon Toomer

I am Dr. Catherine Harmon Toomer – a Family Medicine and Community Health Physician  who combined my medical expertise with the knowledge I’ve gained from my own journey, to create Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers – a tele-medicine coaching and counseling service that helps those who are overwhelmed like I was, feel well like I do now.

I wanted to help others take advantage of my years of medical experience and the knowledge I gained while helping myself; That small easy changes can result in huge improvement. While a clinician, I become frustrated by the lack of time I could spend with my patients helping them overcome medical, mental, and weight issues. Telling someone WHAT to do is only helpful if shown HOW to do it, and that takes a lot of one-on-one time. So I finally left the hamster-wheel.

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