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Dr. Janet Williams is a licensed physician and surgeon practicing in Los Angeles, California. She is a board certified specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, the founder of IntimateWellnessShop.com, an intimate life coach, certified hypnosis professional and the author of the book Why Don’t I Like Sex Anymore. A member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, she has been helping women find solutions to their reproductive and sexual health concerns since 2001.

Having worked with thousands of women over the years, Dr. Williams constantly was asked by her patients for product recommendations. With a passion for women’s wellness and patient autonomy, Dr. Williams founded IntimateWellnessShop.com, the premiere source for doctor-curated intimate and sexual care products.

After a troubled fertility journey in her early 40’s she faced struggles in her intimate life. And despite her extraordinary professional success she battled personally with her own self worth. Using her holistic integrated program that blends medical knowledge with soulful, heart led practices she turned things around. She found the authentic self-love we all deserve and an electrifying intimate confidence unlike any she had previously known.

Dr. Williams believes every woman, regardless of age, race, shape or belief system, should have power over her own body, the right to express herself sexually and the ability to dictate her own brand of pleasure. She founded GoodGroove.com where she is an intimacy life coach. With a special interest in the needs of black women, she helps women over 40 conquer the physical and emotional changes that often come with age, treasure their natural magnificence and enjoy phenomenal confident pleasure.

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