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When making the decision to leave full time clinical practice at a community hospital with patients, co-workers and friends that I loved, the transition was much like waking up on the other side of a career tornado.  I’ve started down my own yellow brick road to destination unknown, looking forward to meeting some colorful new friends along the way.  To document this journey, I was supposed to start blogging a year and a half ago when I started! I signed up for an account, picked my layout and theme.  Then Locum Life happened.  In addition to the clinical responsibilities of my current assignment, I was always in process of applying for my next position.  I enjoy short assignments, 2-3 months… I feel like it gives me enough time to get a true sense of the local climate (both in the clinical space and the surrounding community).  Conversely, I’m not there long enough to get too attached or caught up in the unique politics of any particular institution.  The result: I was much busier than I thought I’d be.

Though my goal was to shed my leadership responsibilities before embarking on my locums journey, I was not only re-elected for one position, but volunteered to be heavily involved in a new organization.  If that wasn’t enough, my quest to increase my streams of income led me to start doing case reviews on the side for additional income.  As you can see, my blog time quickly dissipated.  Over the past few months, several people have asked me “didn’t you say you were going to start a blog?”  How I love accountability!  My response, “do you think people would really be interested in what I have to say?”  Well here’s the test, welcome to Living la Vida Locums!

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