Dr. Monique Gary

Board Certified Breast Surgical Oncologist, Medical Director, and Speaker Grand View Health/ Penn Cancer Network


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Dr. Gary is a board certified, fellowship-trained Breast Surgical Oncologist and Medical Director of the Grand View Health/Penn Cancer Network Cancer Program in Sellersville, PA, where she also serves as director of the Breast Program. She is passionate about developing integrative, holistic and innovative approaches to cancer treatment, prevention and general wellness both in our region and throughout the world.


Speaker and Facilitator

Dr. Gary is an in-demand speaker and skilled facilitator; covering a range of topics related to health, wellness, mental health, disparities in access and opportunity for marginalized people; and personal and professional growth. She is available for lectures, workshops, panels, interviews and expert

Disparities Advocate

Dr. Gary is passionate about addressing the disparities in health outcomes for marginalized people. By both exploring the inequities that lead to these disparities and helping to create pathways for access, Dr. Gary’s work aims to make wellness – physical, mental and emotional – accessible to all.


Professional Development

An expert negotiator and skilled coach, Dr. Gary provides guidance to professionals at all stages of their career. From contract and salary negotiation to navigating complicated and even treacherous
professional challenges, Dr. Gary helps individuals and groups harness the best of themselves and their communities to achieve personal fulfillment and success.

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