Dr. Nicole Washington

Adult Psychiatrist, Speaker, Author, and Consultant
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Nicole Washington, D.O., MPH is a board certified Psychiatrist who has an affinity towards working with populations who aren’t typically consumers of mental health services. This focus on population health led her to complete a Masters of Public Health with emphasis in policy and administration. While completing the MPH, she became interested in physician mental health and was stunned at the data surrounding physician mental health and physician suicide. Research also indicated that physicians weren’t the only professionals with high rates of untreated mental health disorders. She has always found herself to be a champion for those who are resistant to mental health treatment, whether that be due to severity of illness or stigma associated with mental illness.

She is consistently sought out to be a listening ear for colleagues, medical students and medical residents who are struggling with occupational stress and untreated mental illness. Her ability to engage with a wide range of people has allowed her to convince people to seek treatment when necessary and has allowed her to be a mentor or confidante to others.

As Chief Medical Officer and founder of Elocin Psychiatric Services, she has become a staunch advocate for physicians and other high level professionals who are dealing with untreated mental illness or general occupational stressors. Dr. Nicole, through a combination of office visits and the use of telemedicine software, provides pharmacological management of psychiatric conditions, psychotherapy and individual debriefing sessions for physicians and other business professionals in need but who are having difficulty accessing traditional services.

Dr. Nicole completed her medical training at Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and residency at University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine. She received her Masters Public Health from University of Illinois – Chicago.

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