Dr. Duke is a highly respected and well trained physician, scientist, advisor and coach who has successfully built a medical practice in Las Vegas Nevada.
She is able to walk you through the highlights and pitfalls of private practice amidst a changing face of medicine. Dr. Duke is able to guide the physician aspiring to start their own practice with a thorough and thoughtful checklist of steps needed to go from a basic concept in your head to day one of patient care. She also has a team of specialists capable of providing guidance on matters of medical licensing and credentialing.
Other aspects of Dr. Duke’s repertoire include review of contracts and professional service agreements with an eye toward getting the physician a fair and thorough package including market rate for their services.
For the aspiring medical student and resident physician, Dr. Duke also provides review of personal statements and applications. She is also able to do mock interviews for medical school admission.
For companies, Dr. Duke is available in the capacity of medical and scientific advisor on a number of fronts including research and development, product design and efficacy assessments. 
Dr. Duke also provides medical and scientific advice for script & media development in the entertainment industry.