As of this writing, there are 268,724, confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States with 6,870 deaths and 11,993 people who have recovered

With all these numbers, some people are thinking that we are going to reach our peak within a couple of weeks. In the Facebook Live video of #RolandMartin Unfiltered, I was able to explain my thoughts as to why there will not be a coronavirus peak, in the United States, by April 3rd. 

Where are we going right now based on the data that we see? Normally, an outbreak like this is expected to have exponential growth, reach its peak and naturally decline, once all people who are said to be susceptible have been infected or have developed the disease.

To be able to reach the peak of the virus, containment is highly needed. Unfortunately, in our case, we have not fully restricted the spread of COVID-19. You see, while many of the states being affected are doing their best efforts to contain the virus, the other half is not and that is the main problem. In addition, many people are moving from place to place!

In a recent summit call that I attended, hosted by Dr. Steven Palter, with doctors from Italy and China, they pointed out that if we don’t restrict travel, the virus will continue to spread. Say for instance, if we don’t restrict interstate travel in the United States, those who are in the current hotspot areas of the virus infection will continue to transfer from their region to another part of the country and unknowingly, these people might be infected carriers but not even show any symptoms at all. This means we should be expecting new focus points (hotspots) of the virus to arise around the country. Therefore, we are hearing states with increasing numbers and consequently, we are not really coming to a peak … we are not even plateauing, yet. 

In the video below, Dr. Cindy Duke explains “Why there will not be a Coronavirus Peak on April 3rd”

Find out what she has to say!


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