In August 2019, I launched my first ever podcast and named it “Girl Powered Success and Survival International.” I believe that the lessons women encounter in their lives are highly viable and valuable in empowering other women through storytelling. Using this platform, I utilize my voice and my connections to tell women of all colors the beauty of finding one’s own power and worth in the face of adversity. 

If this is your first time knowing about the GriPSSI podcast, you might want to have a bird’s eye view of the overall purpose and perhaps, a glimpse of each episode’s content. 

Three Things You Need to Know About the GriPSSI Podcast

  • GriPSSI Podcast lets you listen to stories from women around the globe

Every episode of the podcast features women telling their life stories and sharing how they conquered life obstacles while pursuing their dreams and passions. If you are quite intimidated because featured women are already successful and seasoned in their profession, the eighth episode features a dynamic college student in her early twenties, Ayana Releford and episode 10 features a twenty-something year old fashion designer and creative, Dayle Angus. Their stories show that these women come from all walks of life around the world. By subscribing to the podcast, you hear a variety of stories from women with different backgrounds and you will be sure to find someone with whom you, your daughters, your nieces and students can identify. 

  • GriPSSI Podcast encourages women to follow a balanced and healthy work-life routine

A noticeable distinction from the featured women in the past episodes shows that they have more than one career. From episode five, Khadija Ali Samhoul is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, philanthropist and a single mother. Imagine how complex it must be to juggle both work and family life for a solo parent. Still, she was able to make her charity “Tower of Power Movement” possible. This movement is helping women and the youth on her home island of Tobago transform their own lives. Khadija highlighted that the key to self-care is charity. By listening to her story, you can come up with some ideas on how to balance a healthy work-life routine. 

  • GriPSSI Podcast is accessible anytime, anywhere

Luckily, podcasts are free. You can listen to it anywhere you want to, especially if you subscribe to the podcast and download it. Knowing about women’s stories becomes easier, especially to subscribers residing on the other side of the globe. More so, this podcast is a wonderful avenue for learning and at the same time, it is convenient to anyone interested. 

What are you waiting for? Click that subscribe button and listen to the episodes in my podcast. For sure, after listening to the episodes, you will learn a lot of ideas from these inspiring women with various career backgrounds. If you are at a point of your life where you cannot choose between two things you love, struggling as a single parent or belonging to the minority of the population, then this podcast will help you realize some things you can do when you finally have the courage to fight wisely on your own battlefield. 

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