Empowerment through Elevation and Persistence – Meet Khadija Ali Samhoul

GriPSSI Episode 5

On this episode of GriPSSI, Dr. Cindy welcomes Khadija Ali Samhoul to the show!

Khadija is the Founder and CEO of The Tower of Power Movement, a charitable organization that fosters the development of young people and seeks to uplift and empower the women of Tobago – an island in the Southern Caribbean. After earning her certification as a coach, speaker and trainer, she was inspired to start her own charity, focused on empowering and celebrating some of the under-represented figures in the workplace – Janitorial staff! Today, The Tower of Power Movement offers various programs that help women to make transformational spiritual and emotional decisions, empower them through character building workshops and actively connect them to job opportunities, and teach financial independence.

Episode Notes

In this episode you’ll hear Khadija explain how she went from being a struggling single parent to a successful entrepreneur and how The Tower of Power Movement is helping women transform their lives.


  • Khadija’s Spiritual Journey as a single parent
  • Investing in herself
  • “Grow yourself so you can grow others.”
  • The Creation of Tower of Power: “The dream that came to life”
  • Will Power and Women Power!
  • Faith, family, legacy, integrity, and God
  • How do you take a business from “Logo to Launch?”
  • “When you are faced with challenges you have to persist”
  • Exploring the “Eat Little and Live Long” principle of business
  • Highlighting hardworking individuals who usually go unnoticed in the workforce
  • As a business woman, paying your employees well, helps to recruit quality workers
  • Learning to foster independence as your children get older, when you’re a single mother
  • Raising boys and girls, as a single mother
  • The Power of Positive Male Role Models when raising a son, as a single mother
  • “The key to self-care is charity.”

Key Takeaway: When you empower yourself through education, inspiration, and faith, you can teach others that same knowledge and create an empowered, loving community.

Connect with Khadija Ali Samhoul

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tower_of_power_movement

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/towerofpowermovement/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/khadijaskorner/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHikoJTe54hUkUdb_ADG_NA