Dynamic & Charismatic Speaker

Dr. Duke is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who has over 20 years of experience talking to small and large audiences. Dr. Duke is able to tailor her talks to the audience and the subject matter while integrating interactive programs with specific anecdotal references.
Dr. Duke’s areas of speaking interest include :
Medical topics related to:
  1. Hormonal health in men and women.
  2. Women’s/Girl’s health.
  3. Egg and Embryo freezing for cancer patients.
  4. Egg freezing options for women who are not yet ready to start a family.
  5. Navigating Puberty for the teen and their parent.
  6. Family building options for LGBTQIA persons.
Business Topics
  1. Starting your own medical practice
  2. Negotiating your physician services contract.
  3. Being a woman in medicine.
  4. Embracing your entrepreneurial side.
  5. Multi tasking for success
  6. Preparing for the single woman’s retirement.
General Life Topic
  1. Coming of age in America – An immigrant’s perspective. 
  2. How my island upbringing enriched my worldview!
  3. Caribbean Flower in the Desert – How my island identity became my greatest asset!
  4. How my single mom set me up for success.
  5. “I just got here” – Navigating those first 100 days as a new American.
  6. Why every female leader needs a network!