A webinar about getting it right on social media! Managing your online reputation, your clinic’s promotion and your fertility website.

 DrSerena H. Chen and IVF Babble’s Tracey Bambrough

With Giles Palmer, Ivf. net’s Thomas Elliott and Vaquera’s Chris Kincade


“Modernizing Medicine” Dr. Lowell Ku
“It’s Not Too Late to Get on Social Media: Five Action Steps to Get Started” Dr. Lora Shahine
“Breaking Barriers of Access to Care and Addressing Racial Bias in Social Media” Dr. Cindy Duke
“It’s Personal” Dr. Roohi Jeelani 
“Humour and the Infertility Journey” Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo
“Closing Communication Gaps in Healthcare” Dr. Natalie Crawford
“Embryo Babysitter” Vivian Kimble.

Watch the full video here.

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