Coronavirus vs. COVID 19? Why are some people saying coronavirus and why are some using COVID-19? When does each term apply?

Business-Standard recently reported that the novel coronavirus in the United States had already grown to over 13,000 cases.

On one hand, the number of cases worldwide has caused an alarm and even panic for most people, despite having it as a subject for some debate due to an uneven criteria for diagnosis as well as its variety from country to country.  

While treatment is not yet available at this point and the question about how deadly the virus is, still remains unknown to most of us, most of those who tested positive have actually recovered. 

In the video below, Dr. Cindy Duke answers the question, “Are the people recovering from the disease actually building antibodies?” 

Find out what she has to say!


Coronaviruses are viruses that are usually associated with common colds. This pertains to infections in your nose, upper throat, sinuses, and all those which are generally affecting the respiratory tracts of mammals, including humans.

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