Dreamers like me are known for being risk-takers; some of us more so than others. We hustle like there’s no tomorrow. We are willing to jump off the cliff, with both feet, knowing we could fail. And if we fail, it doesn’t keep us from trying again, despite the bruises we obtained.

So many people fear success! I feel like this is especially true when you come from a working-class background. I must admit, I feared it too. However, I’ve learned to take active steps to overcome it. The key to remember is that failure just means we need to be resilient and try with something different — perhaps to experiment. 

Learning to fight past fear, in order to achieve success, is one of the biggest hurdles that many must cross in business and entrepreneurship. It’s a mindset and it’s a skill set. Understandably, it can be quite frustrating because it’s hard to fight a demon that you can’t see. This often leads you to start questioning the process and doubting yourself. Often, this can even become overwhelming because you haven’t seen this type of success before or, it’s new to your circle of influence. 

If you are someone who consciously or subconsciously fears success, you may need to learn how to stop being your biggest obstacle. We don’t have to let our fears handicap us from growing towards our queendom!

In this article, I want to share with you five proactive strategies for overcoming that anxiety and how you can achieve success, like a queen (or king!). 

  1. Visualize Success Through Planning – Unpacking your big picture and breaking it into a handful of specific goals will make it that much more actionable. That’s right! After you visualize what success looks like, you need to split up the plan and create specific phases and mini-steps. Then, what’s next? Act upon the specific goals until they’re eventually completed. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed by how big the overall project will be, and you’ll only have to hustle on the phases which are in the present. Of course, don’t forget the Plan B, in order to reroute, when things get awry along the way!
  2. Allow Yourself to Prioritize and Reprioritize – One of the major reasons why people fear success is because they feel that they may lose track of their reality. For instance, you may fear that you have to revamp your routine or cut time from your leisurely activities. However, you can ease some of these anxieties if you take time to determine what’s important and unburden some unnecessary responsibilities or ideas. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and straighten out your priorities! Let go of the things that swamp you or cause drudgery and instead, reinvent your lifestyle!
  3. Surround Yourself With the Best People – The road to success isn’t a solo ride — as a matter of fact, it can be a dramatically exciting and fulfilling journey when you are surrounded by people who bring out nothing but the best of you. Your green ticket to a successful journey is when you start purging and eradicating toxic forces. With this, be ready to cut ties with some people from your life. Accept that not everyone is going to fit into the big picture. This takes time to learn but eventually, to be successful, you have to recognize that some people will serve very defined and finite roles in your lives and ventures – don’t force it. My key advice is to know that when building your empire, you should hire talents based on the stage that you are in. Yet, ideally, you should also try to hire folks who can manage the scale up, when the business starts growing. For example, in the beginning, you may need someone who is a master of many things while later on, you need to focus on hiring some people who are specialists at their individual tasks.
  4. Always Invest In Your People or Team – As I’ve mentioned in the previous point, it is crucial to establish your circle around the best people. However, it’s inevitable that you will encounter talented people who still need some polishing. While you cannot salvage a truly bad team member, you can often improve the skills of a good team member who is just ‘green’ or rough around the edges. Simply put, it is important to invest in training to refine your people’s efficiency. Ultimately, they will help anchor your goals and ultimately, propel you forward to success.
  5. Stop Obsessing Over the End-Result–Enjoy the Journey! – The pursuit of success shouldn’t always be about the outcome. It should also be about the journey — both the good and the bad times. The journey you partake in, is your foundation for success. It builds up the momentum and unravels the stories. Always remember to celebrate small victories. Live your life while savoring ‘champagne’. It is imperative to take each step feeling grounded and balanced. Your journey should inspire you to move forward; not be as a burden that may gradually bring you down. Most importanly, always remember that time is all that we have — spend time with your loved ones, eat delicious yet healthy foods, read your favorite novels, and grow spiritually while heading to your success. 


Achieving success is certainly not an easy goal, but it’s far away from impossible. The process can be a series of challenging journeys, but once you overcome, it’s sheer bliss! You just need to contemplate what success looks like, recognize your fears, step through it and take substantial actions until you reach the goals!

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